A modern, aesthetic, and experiential practice, no matter what reason you have for coming.

Sessions are held at our office in downtown Montgomery in 50 minute increments. Our approach begins with getting to know you, where you are coming from, and where you want to go. Then, we work together, over time toward your desired progress.


Common Session Types

Assessment Sessions

First things first. We want to make sure Belfry is a good match for what you need and make a plan for how to accomplish your goals. This process happens over an initial call and introductory sessions.


Ongoing Engagement

Each person has a different story, and yours is specific to you. As we work together, we will use a number of tactics to get some handles on life. We typically see weekly and biweekly rhythms work best for addressing immediate needs.


Proactive Wellbeing

Counseling is not only for pressing concerns. We have diagnostic tools and growth resources for people who are interested in emotional maturity. These sessions tend to happen on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.


Areas of Specialty

Stress, Trauma, Relationships, Anxiety, Depression, Personal and Professional Growth, Addictions, Grief and Abuse